Terms of Service which is abbreviated as (ToS) are the rules which one must accept to use a service. It is a disclaimer which tells us regarding the accessibility of websites. It is mainly used for storing the user’s personal data or contents by internet service providers. The agreement usually contains few topics :

- Rights of user and responsibilities.

- Privacy policy that outlines the usage of personal data.

- Payment details.

- Policy that describes strategy for account termination.

- Notifications regarding any change of terms.

Terms of service basically varies from service to service, that is why there exists several initiatives to expand the public awareness by simplifying those differences which includes :

- Copyright policy.

- Data tracking policy.

- Law Enforcement requests on deletion of contents.

- Readability.

- Security practices must be transparent.

- Notifications for changes in terms.

- Previous terms must be available.

- Notification for transferring of information in event of acquisition.

- Termination of account by the user.